Exness ব্রোকার: বাংলাদেশে অনলাইন ট্রেডিং, ফরেক্স এবং CFD।

Exness: Online Trading and Forex Broker

Welcome to Exness, your path to online trading and money changing services. As a well-known company in this industry, Exness provides many types of financial services to help you trade. They offer a safe and clear platform for traders of all levels.

You can explore their easy to use system, modern technology, and variety of trading options to better grow your money. Their commitment is to excellence and focusing on client needs. See how Exness can power your trading success.

Exness Global Trading in Bangladesh

Exness now provides its services for online money trading in Bangladesh too. They are dedicated to the trading community in Bangladesh and offer many trading options in this vibrant market. Exness promises transparency, using modern technology, and focusing on client needs in Bangladesh.

Exness Trading Platforms

  • Exness knows that traders want to use their preferred system for trading.
  • So Exness offers different types of modern trading systems to meet different trader needs.
  • You can choose from the Exness Trade App, Exness Website System, MetaTrader 4, or MetaTrader 5.
  • These systems are tailored for traders on-the-go or traders who want more tools.
  • With Exness platforms, traders can better reach their money growth goals.
  • See what trading platform works for you best at Exness. There are many good options.
  • Exness Trade App
  • Exness Web Terminal
  • Exness MetaTrader 4
  • Exness MetaTrader 5

With Exness App, you can trade when at home, traveling, or waiting in line. Access trading power everywhere!

Key Features 💡

  • Offers easy trading services
  • Gives real-time information to stay updated
  • Quickly completes trades
  • Advanced analysis tools for traders
  • Promises transparency and focus on client
Exness Trade App.

Key Features 💡

  • Powerful charts to analyze trades
  • Many technical indicators
  • Tools for automatic trading
  • Customizable interface
  • Access many markets
Exness Metatrader 4 (MT4).

Key Features 💡

  • See market depth for insights
  • Easily trade options and futures
  • Robust chart tools for analysis
  • Many technical indicators
  • Automatic trading for efficiency
Exness Metatrader 5 (MT5).

The Exness Web Terminal allows trading money from any web browser without needing to download anything. It works on any operating system.

The website has all the same features as the Exness App plus more, like:

Key Features 💡

  • Use instantly without downloading
  • Works on all operating systems
  • Get live market prices
  • Fast and accurate trading
  • Advanced but simple charts
  • 100+ trading options
Exness MetaTrader WebTerminal.

Start Trading at Exness com

Opening a trading account with Exness is easy. Go to www.exness.com and register with Exness to get access to many money trading options. Exness will guide you through account setup and verification for security. Once your account is ready, login into Exness and begin trading! Maximize your experience with Exness!

Follow these simple steps to start on Exness:

  1. Visit Exness.com – Go to their website for easy signup
  2. Click “Open Account” – Find and click this button
  3. Enter Information – Give your name, username, email, address, preferred money
  4. Choose Account Type – Pick account based on trading style
  5. Verify Identity – Submit ID documents for security
  6. Agree to Terms – Read and agree to terms
  7. Submit Application – Double check info then submit
  8. Verification and Activation – Exness will review then email login details when approved

Note: Separate accounts needed for MT4 and MT5 trading systems.

Verifying your Exness account is straightforward:

  1. Login to your Exness account
  2. Go to “Verification” in Personal Area
  3. Upload clear ID and address documents
  4. Carefully review then submit for verification
Exness Sign Up - Create an account.

Ready to begin trading with Exness? Follow these steps to login at www.exness.com and access financial opportunities:

  1. Go to the Exness website by typing www.exness.com.
  2. Find the “Login” or “Sign In” button, usually at the top right corner.
  3. After locating the login button, click it to access the login page.
  4. Enter the password and email you registered during account creation.
  5. You may need to complete a CAPTCHA for extra security. This involves entering characters shown on screen.
  6. Pass the CAPTCHA test to confirm your identity.
  7. After finishing the CAPTCHA if required, click “Login” after providing your credentials.
  8. Congratulations! With successful login, you will enter your Exness account dashboard.
Exness Sign In - Login.

Now you can easily manage your account, track trades, deposit/withdraw money, and utilize trading tools. Exness simplifies online trading. Happy trading!

Exness ফরেক্স এবং অনলাইন ট্রেডিং।

Trade across multiple markets with the most stable and reliable pricing in the industry.

Exness Trading Accounts

Exness understands traders have different needs. So they offer accounts tailored for you. Whether you are new or experienced in trading, Exness has the right account types:

  • Exness Demo Accounts
  • Exness Standard Accounts
  • Exness Professional Accounts
  • Exness Social Trading Accounts

Demo accounts allow practicing trading skills without risking real money. Although using virtual funds, these accounts accurately copy actual market conditions. So traders can test strategies.

Exness provides free demo accounts without needing a deposit. This makes demo accounts easy to access for all traders.

  • Practice with Virtual Funds: Demo accounts at Exness let you use imaginary money, so you can improve your trading skills without any risk.
  • Realistic Market Practice: Even though you’re using virtual funds, these demo accounts mimic real trading conditions, helping you test and refine your strategies accurately.
  • Free and Easy to Start: You don’t need to deposit any money to use Exness’s demo accounts, making them perfect for everyone, especially those new to trading.


  • Safe and risk-free way to learn
  • Experience that feels like real trading
  • Open to all levels of traders
  • Ideal for testing and improving strategies
  • Helps build confidence for real trades
Exness Demo Account

This works for new and experienced traders.

The Standard Cent Account allows beginning traders to use small positions for lower risk. This gives a gradual learning curve.

  • Standard Account: Great for steady trading, this account offers fixed spreads and no commissions, and is good for traders at any level.
  • Standard Cent Account: Perfect for beginners, this account allows for smaller trades, offering a low-risk way to learn.


  • Stable trading with lower, fixed spreads
  • Better control over risks
  • Learn trading with minimal risk exposure

The Raw Spread Account is tailored for seasoned traders, providing them with direct access to the market, narrower spreads, and attractively low commissions, giving them a favorable edge in the financial markets.

  • Raw Spread Account gives experienced traders direct market access, very tight spreads, and low commissions. This allows an advantageous trading position.
  • Zero Account has zero spreads when the market has specific conditions, perfect for scalpers. There is a small commission.
  • Pro Account combines top features like leading spreads and low commissions by default. This offers flexibility.


  • Very competitive spreads
  • Low commissions for better value
  • Versatile Pro Account choices
  • Advanced trading tools for precision

Exness Social Trading Accounts benefit from Pros, easy copying, rewards. Experts earn commissions sharing winning tactics. Match investments to your risk appetite. Spread risk by diversifying choices for higher success.

  • Investor Account: Follow professional plans for hands-off trading, profit potential jumps.
  • Strategy Provider Account: Active traders earn by teaching successful methods to investors.
  • Flex Investment Selections: Exness Social Trading gives varied tactics to meet your aims.
  • Diversify Risks: Choose from many providers and plans to improve overall trading performance.


  • Access Skills and Resources
  • Diversification Can Lift Returns
  • Transparent Operations for Informed Selections
  • Earn as a Proven Strategy Provider
Exness Social Trading Account

Trading Instruments of Exness

Exness provides a variety of trading options to suit every trader’s interests and strategies. Here’s what you can trade with them:

  • Foreign Exchange (Forex)
  • Company Stocks
  • Commodities
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Market Indices

With Exness Limited, you get the freedom to trade in these markets, helping you build a diverse portfolio that matches your financial objectives and how much risk you’re comfortable taking. This variety is great for both new and seasoned traders, offering numerous chances to find success in the financial markets.

  • Forex
  • Stocks
  • Commodities
  • Crypto
  • Indices
Exness Forex.
Exness Commodities.
Exness Stocks.
Exness Indices.
Exness Crypto.

Exness Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Exness supports various deposit types and withdrawal systems for a smooth, secure finance experience. They understand the importance of diverse deposit and fast withdrawal choices to meet unique trader needs.

  • Bank Wire Transfers: You can initiate bank wire transfers, securely shifting money directly from your bank to Exness trading account. This method suits those preferring traditional banking.
  • Online Pay Systems: The platform seamlessly connects to popular e-payment systems like Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney. These offer speed and convenience for easily funding accounts and withdrawing earnings compared to local transfer options.
  • Debit Credit Cards: Exness accepts major debit and credit cards like Visa and Mastercard for instant deposits. This straightforward card method lets you swiftly fund accounts without delays so you can quickly access markets.
  • Local Bank Transfers: They also provide local bank transfer options, enabling smooth deposits and withdrawals. This feature specifically benefits those wanting to simplify money flows within their local banking framework.
Exness deposits and withdrawals.

Exness ensures flexible, secure money management catering to your preferences, whether you choose old or new methods. Your money transactions are crucial, so we prioritize making them smooth and secure.

Exness prioritizes accessibility and inclusiveness with minimums aligned to various payment techniques. You can start trading with deposits suiting your budget flexibility as per your account.

Overview of popular payment minimums:

  • Credit/Debit Card: For utmost convenience, $10 minimum deposit gets you started when using cards.
  • E-Wallets (Skrill, Neteller): E-Wallets quickly and efficiently fund accounts, beginning at $10 minimum.
  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum): Embrace future finance with crypto, where $10 minimum deposit starts your trading adventure.
  • Bank Transfer: Start trading with a $50 minimum deposit when selecting reliable bank transfers.

These varied Exness minimum deposit let you pick the payment method aligning perfectly with your capacity and preferences, making trading accessible across diverse budgets.

Transparency and competitive rates are central to Exness’ values. The fees and spreads aim to provide a fair, clear trading experience, with differences based on account types and instruments. Here is a comprehensive overview of account fees and spreads:

  • Standard Account: Enjoy the Standard Account with no fees. With spreads from 0.2 pips, it offers accessible, affordable trading.
  • Raw Spread Account: Raw Spread Accounts give a direct market view with real spreads. Although fees can reach $3.50 per lot, the transparency benefits traders.
  • Zero Account: Under certain market conditions, the Zero Account allows no-fee trading, with spreads from 0 pips. It maximizes benefits during favorable conditions.
  • Pro Account: Pro Accounts have fees up to $2 per lot, with spreads from 0.1 pips. It combines competitive rates with powerful features enhancing trading.

Importantly, Exness has no hidden deposit or withdrawal fees, ensuring funds stay yours. Fees selectively apply to some instruments and accounts. Spreads dynamically adjust to conditions.

Exness Broker Leverage

Exness understands the need for varied and adaptable leverage choices for traders. Leverage, a tool that can expand your trading funds and potential gains, should be used with caution. The platform offers high-level leverage options that can be advantageous for traders in different scenarios.

Here’s a look at the leverage choices Exness provides and their impact on your trading:

  • Customizable Leverage: Exness presents a range of leverage levels, allowing you to pick one that aligns with your trading approach and risk comfort. Depending on your account type and local regulations, leverage ratios can vary from 1:2 to 1:Unlimited.
  • Increased Trading Capacity: Leverage enables you to manage a bigger trade with a smaller capital outlay. This can enhance your potential profits, offering the chance to engage in more significant market changes.
  • Risk Control: While leverage can boost profits, it also increases potential losses. It’s vital to apply effective risk management techniques when using leverage to safeguard your trading funds.
  • Suitable for Various Trading Approaches: Exness’s diverse leverage options cater to different trading preferences, from cautious traders who favor low leverage for risk reduction to seasoned traders adept at handling high leverage.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Your available leverage ratios may be influenced by local regulations. Always comply with these requirements to ensure responsible and lawful trading.

Leverage is a potent tool requiring careful risk consideration. Exness allows you to tailor your leverage, facilitating confident and smooth trading experiences.

Exness focuses on equipping traders with top-notch charting tools for informed trading decisions. Their wide range of market analysis tools caters to different trading styles, offering essential resources to navigate the ever-changing financial markets. Here’s a breakdown of the tools available at Exness:


Economic Calendar

Stay updated with market-moving events using the Economic Calendar. It provides timely information on critical economic announcements and other vital financial news. This calendar is useful for preparing for market shifts and timing trades strategically.


Investment Calculator

This tool is key for evaluating potential profits and losses. Traders can enter various parameters like trade volume and asset prices into the Exness Investment Calculator to foresee the outcomes of their trades. It’s great for risk management and guiding traders in strategizing effectively.


Tick History

Access historical price data with the Price Movement History tool. This is essential for conducting detailed technical analysis, helping traders spot patterns and make informed decisions based on past market trends.


Currency Converter

The Currency Converter at Exness offers real-time data for currency exchanges. It’s perfect for traders needing to convert between currencies accurately, ensuring they understand the value of their assets and relevant exchange rates.


Free VPS Hosting

Exness’s free VPS service offers low latency, continuous connectivity, and support for 24/7 automated trading. This service ensures reliable execution of automated strategies and reduces the risk of technical glitches.


Trading WebTV

Gain insights and knowledge from Trading WebTV, a valuable resource offering expert market analysis and updates. This tool is beneficial for traders looking to stay informed about market happenings and trends, enhancing their trading decisions.

Exness is committed to offering a comprehensive suite of market analysis tools for all traders, from novices to experts. These tools are designed to help traders make informed choices, stay ahead of market trends, and fully realize their trading potential in the dynamic world of online trading.

Why Choose Exness in Bangladesh?

Exness is a great choice for traders in Bangladesh because of its easy-to-use platform and attractive features. They offer clear information, a variety of trading options, low costs, and good leverage choices, making them a favorite among Bangladeshi traders.

  • Transparency: Exness gives traders all the details they need, including clear reports and statistics. This helps traders trust and feel confident in their choices.
  • Many Trading Options: You can trade different things like important forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and goods. This helps traders mix up their investments.
  • Low Fees: Exness has low trading fees. This means traders can keep more of the money they earn, making trading more cost-effective.
  • Flexible Leverage: The platform offers leverage that you can adjust to your comfort level, whether you’re new to trading or have experience.
  • Advanced Technology: Exness uses the latest technology to give traders a smooth and easy trading experience. Their platform is quick and easy to use, making trading better for everyone.
  • Limited Educational Resources: Exness may not have as many learning resources for beginners as some other platforms. More detailed learning support would be helpful for new traders.
  • Not Many Special Offers: Exness might have fewer special deals than other trading platforms. More offers could help bring in and keep more traders, even though the trading services are still good.
  • Customer Service: Some traders in Bangladesh might find that it takes too long to get help from customer support. Faster help and support in multiple languages would make the service better for those who need quick assistance.

Even though Exness has these areas for improvement, its strong features are often enough for traders in Bangladesh, making it a good choice for online trading.

Exness Licenses and Regulation

Exness takes regulation seriously to provide a safe trading environment. The platform is regulated by multiple trusted authorities globally and locally, showing its dedication to legal compliance and trust.

Key regulatory bodies for Exness include:

  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC): Exness is regulated by CySEC (License Number 178/12), a well-known regulatory authority in the European Union. This means Exness follows strict rules for financial clarity and protecting clients.
  • Financial Services Authority (FSA): Exness is also approved by the FSA. This shows their commitment to follow the legal rules of each region, making sure traders in different countries, including adherence to Exness Legal in Bangladesh regulations.
  • Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID): Exness meets the standards of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive. This ensures they maintain high regulatory standards across the European Economic Area.
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) Policies: Exness strictly follows AML and KYC policies to check the identity of clients and prevent illegal financial activities, providing a secure trading space.

These regulations are more than legal requirements; they show Exness’s commitment to offering a safe and fair trading platform. These regulations protect client funds, ensure ethical trading, and support a transparent and trustworthy environment.

Exness Group Awards

Exness Group has earned several awards in the financial sector, confirming its reputation as a leading and trusted brokerage firm. These honors reflect the company’s success and trustworthiness in the global financial market.

  • Best Trading Experience 2022: Exness was recognized for providing an excellent trading experience by a top financial magazine. This award appreciates its easy-to-use platform and technological improvements that make trading better for clients.
  • Most Transparent Forex Broker 2021: Exness was named the most transparent Forex broker. This award highlights their commitment to being open with clients, giving them all the information and statistics they need, building trust with traders.
  • Fastest Growing Forex Broker 2020: Exness was identified as the fastest-growing Forex broker in the industry. This shows their rapid growth and increasing popularity among traders, thanks to their competitive services and focus on customer happiness.
  • Best Educational Broker 2019: Exness was praised as the best broker for education. They provide learning resources, market news, and materials to help traders improve their skills and knowledge.
  • Innovation in Trading Technology 2018: This award celebrates Exness’s dedication to advancing technology. It showcases their efforts to bring in new tools and a smooth trading platform for clients.

These awards and recognitions are proof of Exness Group’s commitment to offering top-notch trading services. They not only confirm the company’s quality in different areas of the financial world but also show its dedication to innovation, openness, and focusing on clients.

Exness Group Award

Exness Online Trading Learning Materials

Exness provides an array of educational content and tools aimed at helping traders of all levels improve their understanding and skills in financial markets.

  • Webinars and Workshops: Regular online and in-person workshops led by trading experts are available. These sessions cover various trading subjects, providing an interactive space for learning and asking questions.
  • Educational Articles and Guides: Exness offers a range of well-written articles and guides on various trading aspects. These resources are great for both new and seasoned traders, covering topics like trading signals, market analysis, strategies, and risk management.
  • Interactive Courses: Exness has step-by-step interactive courses for both newbies and experienced traders. These lessons range from basic to advanced topics, allowing traders to learn at their own pace.
  • Video Lessons: The platform includes a collection of video lessons on a variety of topics, from basic platform use to advanced trading techniques. These videos are helpful for visual learners and make it easy to understand complex concepts.
  • Trading Glossary and FAQs: There’s a detailed glossary and a section for frequently asked questions, which help in understanding trading terms and answer common questions, enhancing traders’ grasp of the trading world.
  • Demo Accounts: Exness also offers demo accounts for practical learning. These accounts let traders apply what they’ve learned in a safe, risk-free setting, testing out strategies and getting familiar with the platform without risking real money.

Exness’s focus on educational resources is aimed at empowering traders, helping them make knowledgeable decisions and refine their trading approach.

Exness গ্রাহক সাপোর্ট

Exness Customer Support

Exness has a strong and helpful customer support system to quickly and efficiently help users. Traders in Bangladesh can use different ways to get support for any issues or questions.

  • 24/7 Live Chat: Exness offers continuous live chat support, allowing users to immediately get help from customer service agents. This is great for urgent problems or technical issues.
  • Phone Support: For those who like talking directly, Exness has a phone support line. Traders can call for help with complex issues or if they prefer speaking to someone.
  • Email Support: Traders can email the Exness support team. This is useful for detailed questions that aren’t urgent. Responses usually come in a timely manner.
  • Personal Account Managers: Traders with higher-level accounts might get personal account managers. These managers provide customized support and advice for individual clients.
  • FAQs and Information Section: Exness’s website includes a detailed FAQs section and a knowledge base. These are full of information and answer common questions, making them a good first place to look for help.
  • Social Media and Forums: Exness also uses social media and forums to talk to users, giving another way to get support, updates, and discussions among traders.

Exness’s customer support is known for being quick to respond and always available. Whether it’s a technical problem, a trading question, or general help, Exness aims to offer a smooth and supportive experience for its users.

Choosing Exness as your online trading and Forex broker in Bangladesh has many benefits. With regulation from well-known authorities like CySEC, Exness ensures a secure and legal trading setting. The platform gives comprehensive learning materials, easily reachable customer support, a variety of trading options, low fees, and adjustable leverage choices. Winning industry awards, Exness is a trustworthy and respected choice for traders looking for a reliable online trading platform in Bangladesh.

Exness ফরেক্স এবং অনলাইন ট্রেডিং।

Ready to start?

It only takes 3 minutes to set up your account and be ready for trading.


FAQs about Exness Broker

Exness is regulated by well-known authorities, ensuring it follows local financial laws and standards. It's important for traders in Bangladesh to check the specific regulatory status in their region.

Exness has a very low minimum deposit requirement, which changes depending on the account type. Generally, you can start with as little as $1, making it easy for traders at all levels.

To take out money from Exness, log in to your account, go to the 'Withdrawal' section, pick how you want to withdraw, enter the amount, and follow the steps to finish the process.

To begin trading with Exness, create an account on their platform, confirm your identity, add funds, and pick the trading option you want. After that, you can start trading.

Yes, Exness offers MT4 and MT5, which are popular for their easy-to-use interfaces, detailed analysis tools, and automated trading options.

Exness is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus, and has offices in different countries, serving traders worldwide.

Exness accounts have low or no commission fees for some types of accounts. But, fees can vary based on the account you choose and the trades you make. It’s a good idea to check the specific account details for exact fee information.

Exness Social Trading lets traders see, follow, and copy the trades of experienced traders. It helps users learn from skilled traders and copy their trading methods automatically.

In addition, on the Exness FAQ page, you will find useful answers to even more questions that may be of interest to you.

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