Download Exness MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

Exness gives you access to MetaTrader 4, a trustworthy platform for making trades, scrutinizing markets, and evaluating an array of tactics. The platform leads you through the workflow, promoting trading success.

Exness allows you to use MetaTrader 4 trading platform on different devices – Windows computer, Mac computer, iPhone/iPad, or Android phone/tablet.

     1. Windows

Easy to download and use Exness MT4 desktop version for powerful trading on your Windows computer.

     2. Mac

Mac users can still access Exness MT4 by using special Mac programs. Enjoy full features without needing Windows.

     4. iPhone/iPad

Download free Exness MT4 mobile app from App Store. Best for traders who travel often. Makes mobile trading very smooth.

     5. Android

Android users download Exness MT4 mobile app from Google Play Store. Use on phone or tablet for easy trading from anywhere.

With Exness you can pick your preferred device to trade how you want. Whether using computer, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android phone/tablet, you always control your trading activity. Experience strong Exness MT4 trading on your terms.

Follow these main steps to begin trading on Exness MT4 platform:

  1. Open Exness MT4 app. New users make an account first. Existing users simply login safely.
  2. Choose an Exness account type that meets your needs.
  3. Add funds to Exness trading account through preferred online payment.
  4. See the many charts, tools, coins, and trading options on app.
  5. Watch your trades closely. Make changes quickly when needed.

Before trading, you must open an Exness account. Follow these steps:

  1. First open Exness website on any device – Windows, Mac, mobile.
  2. Click the signup option clearly visible onsite to start.
  3. Give personal details – name, email, contacts.
  4. Complete Exness verification for safety.
  5. Create a strong password. Keep it secret.
  6. Pick currency and other settings you want.
  7. Carefully review all account details entered. Fix any mistakes. Submit form to finish account opening.
Exness Registration - Open Trading Account.

To login to Exness MT4 after account setup:

  1. Launch Exness MT4 trading app on your device.
  2. Tap the “File” menu on top of app screen.
  3. Select “Login to Trade Account” from menu.
  4. Input your Exness user ID and password created during account opening.
  5. Choose the Exness server link sent by email earlier.
  6. Tap “Login”. Now safely access your account!
Exness MT4 অ্যাকাউন্টে লগইন করুন।

You now have an Exness account set up. Next get the Exness MT4 app ready to begin trading:

1. Login or Use Demo Mode

Once MT4 install finishes, login if you already have an account. If you’re new or want practice first, start free Exness demo mode. Study how expert traders use strategies. Good way to learn platform before real trading.

2. View All Trading Options

MT4 may not show all trading choices at first. Don’t worry, easy to see them all. If you don’t see a right side window showing options to trade, tap the “View” menu above. Click “Market Watch”.

3. Display Full Trading List

When Market Watch window opens, right tap inside it. A menu pops up. Choose “Show All” here. Now see complete trading options list to use.

By correctly following these main steps, your Exness MT4 is ready! Start using the app for all your trading needs.

Demo and Real Accounts on Exness MT4

Follow these steps to open a practice account on Exness MT4:

  1. Visit Exness website and complete signup form.
  2. Enter your country, password, email on form.
  3. After login, pick Exness demo account or real money account.
  4. Beginners use demo account loaded with $10,000 virtual money to trade risk-free.
  5. Customize account settings – leverage, currency, usernames, trade password.
Exness MT4 ডেমো অ্যাকাউন্ট।

Before moving to real money trading:

  • Learn risk management strategies
  • Balance positions
  • Use stop orders to control losses
  • Prepare emotionally for real funds trading

To open real account:

  1. Log in and click “Open New Real Account”
  2. Select account type, currency
  3. Verify ID and make first deposit
  4. Check info and pick deposit method
  5. Add funds to account through chosen payment method

Trading on the Exness MetaTrader 4 App

The Exness MT4 app is easy to use. Learn trading by exploring its main sections – trade area, market view, charts. Follow these key steps:

  1. See trading options and prices in Market Watch. Select ones to follow.
  2. Use MT4 charts to study the markets.
  3. Right tap a chart and pick “Trading”. Then tap “New Order” to buy or sell. Complete form.
  4. Use limits and stop losses to control risk and protect earnings.
  5. Find more advanced features like custom tools and pending orders in menu.
  6. Check news and events updates that may impact markets.
Exness মেটাট্রেডার 4 ট্রেডিং স্ক্রীন।

Placing Trades on Exness MT4

Follow these main steps to make your first trade:

  1. Login and pick an asset from Market Watch.
  2. Right tap the asset and start a new order form.
  3. Set order type, amount, limits to buy/sell.
  4. Add Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.
  5. Tap “Place Order” to submit trade.

Using Trading Tools

  • MT4 has pre-set trading bots and signal tools for automatic trades based on chosen rules, seamlessly integrating with tools like the Exness investment calculator for enhanced decision-making.
  • Can add more created by others.
  • For advanced users: Make your own trading bots and tools with MQL4 programming.

Benefits of Using Exness MetaTrader 4

Exness MT4 stands out from other trading platforms. It has unique features making it a top choice for traders worldwide. Below are the main advantages:

Yes, Mac users can access Exness MT4 by installing Windows emulation software like Wine or Parallels.

To login to your Exness account:

  1. Launch Exness MT4 platform
  2. Click “File” menu
  3. Choose “Login to Trade Account”
  4. Input username and password
  5. Select Exness server
  6. Click “Login” to enter account

Yes, experienced traders can build their own indicators, bots etc. with MQL4 programming language. Can also add tools developed by others.

Exness MT4 allows flexible trading with 6 pending orders and 2 execution modes - Instant and Market. Has auto trading bots, 9 timeframe charts, 30 indicator tools, 23 graphic objects. Uses 128-bit shield to keep data safe.

Yes, Exness MT4 offers multi-terminal to handle several accounts at once. Helpful for traders managing client investments.

Yes, Exness MT4 mobile app can be downloaded from Google Play store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

No strict limitations on using Exness MT4. But traders must follow standard industry rules and regulations. Reliable internet connection also needed for smooth trading.

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